We are a highly dynamic, innovative firm with a strong focus on providing Internet Solutions. We were first established in Singapore in 2003 and since then, have made it our mission to provide quality web hosting services at an affordable price to the modern consumer. We provide a comprehensive range of Internet Services encompassing domain services, web hosting services, virtual hosting, client server colocations, web designing and constructing e-commerce platforms.

At present, we are rapidly expanding our network infrastructure and online services across all over Asia. In addition, our clientele includes consumers from the South Pacific and the USA. Our clients span across many different industries and occupations. They include new start-ups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and home offices. Our Internet based end-to-end solutions enable SMEs to diversify and move away from a typical brick-and-mortar business towards building and exploring a new medium of reaching out to customers, thus profiting from their online presence.